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Developer Exit Product – Case Study

Repayment of development finance pending property sale

Lender – Hampshire Trust Bank

Client – Experienced Developer / Landlord

Loan Amount: £770,000 refurb

Interest Rate: 0.75% pcm

Full interest roll up – Term – 10 months

Experienced property development company had recently completed the development of a 2 bed town house in Highgate, London with funding obtained from a specialist residential property development funder at an interest rate of 1.50% per month.

The loan amount requested was £800K, 64% LTV against the anticipated valuation figure of £1.250M. In the event the valuation came in at £1.100M and Hampshire Trust agreed to lend 70% LTV i.e. £770K which was sufficient to repay the development funder with a monthly interest rate of 0.75% producing saving to the client of £5,775 per month.

The term of the facility was 10 months with full interest roll up over the term which considerably assisted cash flow. The client did achieve a sale at £1.125M and the property was sold and the loan repaid within the term.

We do see many situations like this often where property developers become locked into fairly expensive development funding and want to free up cash on completion of the development

The client was delighted to secure this facility at half the cost of his existing development funding whilst also providing him with additional time to achieve a property sale at an attractive price.

Experienced borrowers who spot refurbishment opportunities, secure planning prior to acquisition and create value by reconfiguring the property to a high standard.

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